How To Wash E-cloth?

A Little TLC Goes a Long Way

This is how you do it

Cleaning your e-cloth products is very easy…

  • Hot water works best to rinse all that yucky stuff down the drain
  • Between uses, rinse + wring out the cloth thoroughly, and hang to air dry
  • Machine wash up to 90°c, using a little detergent
  • Tumble dry or hang the cloths to dry

Hey! This is important

We are not into toxic chemicals or relationships. Treat your e-cloth products right…

  • Fabric softener + dryer sheets are the kryptonite to our fibres - avoid them
  • while cleaning and washing
  • Colors may run. Wash cloths separately the first time around
  • Skip the the bleach. Excessive use will damage the fibres and performance

Back on track

Mess up? Don't freak out - the e-cloths are built to last. Think of the e-cloths as the comeback cloths…

  • If fabric softener or dryer sheets are used by mistake, rewash the product
  • immediately
  • If cloth performance is reduced or if cloth develops an odour, machine wash on
  • high heat
  • If the cloth takes on a greasy feel, boil it for 5 minutes, then follow the regular wash
  • instructions

How to Wash: FAQ's

VoilĂ ! That's all...

Now that you're schooled on the ways of washing microfibre cloths, mop heads, scrubbers, and pads, you're ready to graduate to cloth-ownership. Have at it, and let the clean times roll!


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