Why To Use E-cloth?

What if you could build dazzling cleaning power nto a durable, reusable cloth instead of delivering it in a disposable bottle?

With that question, the e-cloth brand and the e-cloth General Purpose Cloth were born. And since then, the same simple question has driven the development of dozens of task-specific specialist cleaning products, proven by experience and lab testing to clean beautifully – as well or better than that bottle full of chemicals – with just water.


Why Chemical Free Cleaning?

  • Designed for Savings

    The big cleaning industry loves systems designed to drive frequent purchases of expensive consumables. Resist to that. E-cloth products last for years. Most come with a 300 machine wash guarantee. Reduce or eliminate unnecessary purchases of expensive chemicals, single-use refills and paper towels.

  • Designed for Earth

    Chemical cleaners, disposable wipes, single-use mop refills and all the plastic and packaging that goes with them wreak havoc on our environment. We at Balmidor, we believe like the people from e-cloth that durable, high-quality cleaning tools, built well for thousands of uses are the best way to respect and protect our shared environment.

  • Designed for Health

    Don't be fooled by the pretty bottle with the brightly-coloured liquid that smells so "clean". You just signed up your family for all the chemicals, dyes, fragrances and preservatives that come with it. E-cloth products have awesome chemical-free cleaning power built-in, so you can get the nasty stuff out of your home and away from the people and pets you love.


Proven By Science

  • E-Cloth commissioned internationally accredited Silliker Group to test the cleaning effectiveness of e-cloth products and water vs. common household chemical cleaning practices. Results show that using e-cloth + water is as effective – or more effective – than the old way.
  • The results demonstrate that e-cloth + water removes over 99% of bacteria and mould, locking it away inside the cloths' fibres, where it stays until the cloths are rinsed.
  • Further tests show that after a rinse with warm water, the e-cloth products re-introduced just 0.01% of bacteria back onto a sterile surface.
  • E-Cloth works by REMOVING bacteria, mould, pollen, and other contaminants from a surface. Typical household chemical cleaners work by LEAVING a liquid chemical film on surfaces that must stay in place to be effective.

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    See the E-cloths in Action

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