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What if you could clean better with just water?

E-cloth's premium, task-specific microfibre cleaning products unlock the cleaning power of WATER - the ultimate natural cleaner. Commit to hight-performance cleaning with just water for your health, the well-being of your family, and the sustainability of our planet.

How to get started

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E-cloth fibres are exceptional for dusting. They have a natural positive static charge which attracts dust and allergens, locking them into the fibres, making dusting much faster and easier than conventional dusters.

The General Purpose e-cloth is a solution for your dust problems, if you want to test first.

The Cleaning and Dusting wand gets behind radiators and under appliances.

There are number of options for floors, walls, ceilings and beams:
The Flexi Edge Floor & Wall Duster is lightweight and has edges that flex, making it easy to clean dust, fluff, cobwebs and pet hair from floors and skirting boards.

You need to reach a bit further…You will need the 2 in 1 Extendable Duster can be used in its short version or extended up to 1,77metres with its telescoping pole. The Dusting Mop Head attaches to the Deep Clean Mop - every home shoaled have one.

All e-cloth dusting heads are removable and machine washable - see the case label for more instructions.

E-cloth products

Dusting Glove

The e-cloth Dusting Glove has a natural positive charge that attracts dust and allergens, locking them into the long super-soft fibres. Ideal for difficult areas, including ornaments and window blinds.


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Special Features

  • The Glove's natural positive charge attracts dust and fluff and makes so many dusting jobs easier

  • One size fits all

  • Brilliant for ornaments, shelves, window blinds and hard-to reach areas

  • Making dusting faster and easier

  • 3 year Guarantee. Endorsed by Allergy UK

E-cloth products
E-cloth products

E-cloth Cleaning & Dusting Wand

E-cloth products
E-cloth products
E-cloth products
E-cloth products
E-cloth products


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