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What if you could clean better with just water?

E-cloth's premium, task-specific microfibre cleaning products unlock the cleaning power of WATER - the ultimate natural cleaner. Commit to hight-performance cleaning with just water for your health, the well-being of your family, and the sustainability of our planet.

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The e-cloth Glass & Windows range consist of special products to give a perfect, streak free and lint free finish to all glassy surfaces, such as mirrors and windows. The cloths will easily outperform special liquid cleaners. The cloths will clean and leave the same perfect finish on other shiny surfaces, such as stainless steel and chrome. All this, using just water.

With e-cloths, a perfect, streak free and lint free finish is guaranteed every time. Recommended and approved by Good Housekeeping Institute.

E-cloth products

Window Cleaning Set

The e-cloth Window Pack with 2 e-cloths quickly and easily cleans all types of windows, including frames and sills, leaving a perfect streak-free, lint free, finish, all using just water.


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Special Features

If you have not tried an e-cloth on glass before, we recommend trying the Window Cleaning Set or the Glass & Polishing Cloth.

The e-cloth Window Pack quickly and easily cleans all types of windows, including frames and sills, leaving a perfect clean finish…all using just water.

The pack contains 2 e-cloths - One (Windows cloth) to clean windows, frames and sills and One (Glass & Polishing Cloth) used dry on a damp surface to leave glass streak free and crystal clear.

Cleans using just water, no chemicals —> the power is in the fibres.

Even the toughest dirt is effortlessly lifted, trapped and removed - no streaks, no lint.

Quick & easy cleaning for windows, frames, glass and conservatories.

3 years guarantee or 300 washes. Recommended by Allergy UK & Good Housekeeping Institute approved.

For more practical information visit our dedicated page where you can find videos about some of our products.

Window Cleaning Set Video

E-cloth products
E-cloth products
E-cloth products
E-cloth products

Glass & Polishing cloth Video

E-cloth products
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