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What if you could clean better with just water?

E-cloth's premium, task-specific microfibre cleaning products unlock the cleaning power of WATER - the ultimate natural cleaner. Commit to hight-performance cleaning with just water for your health, the well-being of your family, and the sustainability of our planet.

How to get started

The e-auto Car Cleaning Kit and the e-auto Onboard Cleaning Kit are containing most of what you need to keep cars, bikes, caravans and boats looking their best, both inside and out. E-cloth revolutionary way to clean uses fibres that have been specially developed to remove grease and grime, do you can achieve far better results, without the need for any chemicals.

You can use the e-auto Dual Action Mitt and the Car Cleaning Cloth, both especially created to be used inside as well as outside your car.

Many of our household cleaning cloths will work well also. We would recommend the General Purpose Cloth, the Glass & Polishing cloth, the Window Cleaning Mitt. The Deep Cleaning Mop and Mini Mop are ideal for boat decking and floors, as well as for caravans floors.

E-cloth products
E-cloth products
E-cloth products
E-cloth products

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